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[Fwd: American's and stick shifts (long)]

OOPS! Forgot to send this to the list too.

Matt & Jenai wrote:

> But gradually, Mr. Lovett began to realize he needed another arm. Balancing
> calls to co-workers on his cell phone while eating breakfast and drinking
> coffee became too arduous.

What's wrong with this picture?

Mr. Lovett needs to hang up the damn phone and eat his damn
breakfast BEFORE he hits the road. Anybody on the QList
who has an online subscription to the WSJ should send a letter
to the editor pointing out the wrongful continuation of the
fallacy that automobiles are offices on wheels. That is probably
the major cause of accidents in large cities with congested
rush hour roadways.

I admit that I use my cell phone occasionally while driving,
but it's usually about 2-3 minutes max. If I have to shift or
deal with traffic I either put the phone down or cut the call
short and hang up.

I'm having a bad day at work, bitch mode off.  :-)

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