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Re: Not ashamed to be cheap!

Todd Young wrote:

> My fiancee has a '96 Mazda Protege, compared to my '93 90S.
> Both have R134a refrigerant, but mine can put frost on
> your fingers, even on a hot day, while her Mazda barely
> cools off on a hot day.

Well, to tell you the truth, I have no experience with R134a equipped
cars. My points of reference are the few toyotas and Rx7's that we have
owned. The 92 Camry that I am forced to borrow (shame, disgust) until
the 90q is done gets too cold for comfort. I remember it being like that
in our MR2 and Previa as well.

On that note...does it seem fair that the guy who was letting me borrow
his 450SL, now only feels that I deserve the Camry? I'm getting screwed.


> I believe that the Mazda is either
> over or under charged (haven't had time to have it checked).
> Whatever the case, I think a lot can be said for the
> Audi system without the climate control, mine uses the
> knobs and I love it. One thing I experienced with climate
> control systems that I hate, when you turn it to defrost,
> the fan kicks up to the highest speed and there is no
> way to adjust it. During the winter, it is sometimes
> necessary to have defrost on at all times, but not at
> full blast. Another advantage to the manual system, I
> can split the air flow between defrost and floor without
> any major problems.
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