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AC System Fitting Torque

Hi All:

My AC system sprung a leak in the hose going from the compressor to
the condensor at the compressor end.  New hose is in transit as we
speak.  I also have all new sealing rings on order which I will replace
after I get the system evacuated.

My question is how tightly should I torque the fittings?  Can't do
it with a torque wrench (at least not mine) so should I just torque
to a "resonable" level?

TIA as always,

Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 262K Miles

P.S.  Put a new 7-blade fan unit in.  Man is that thing quiet:) Thought
      it was the injector cooling fan at first.

P.P.S.  Put new injectors in.  Easy starting and significantly smoother