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American's and stick shifts (long)

In message <35DAF87B.5EB3D1C2@felix.physics.sunysb.edu> Andrei Talalaevskii writes:

>> Get caught driving with a cellphone in your hand over here and it's
>> GBP40 and three points on your licence.  Same goes for breakfast.

>> Get caught with both and it's "driving without due care and attention."
>> Depends what sort of mood the magistrates are in.  If one of them has
>> recently been rear-ended by someone doing the same, you could be
>> walking for a year.

> Is that what the law says in UK? Does the law explicitly mention eating
> in the car?
> Major telecom companies are working on hands-free cell-phones now.
> But they are still far from being able to offer them to the market.


Hands-free kits are absolutely standard over here.

The law now explicitly refers to cellphone usage.  It says that using
a hand-held in a moving car is a moving traffic offence for which either
a "Fixed Penalty Ticket" or a summons may be issued.  If the police see
you they _WILL_ intervene - if you're very lucky, they'll just motion
you to put it down.  Eating, drinking and smoking are all listed as
potentially hazardous.

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