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Re: Not ashamed to be cheap!

At 10:19 AM 8/19/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, I knew that would send someone off...but I thought it would be an
>100E owner. One thing that I have found about A/C systems is that nobody
>like the Japanese. It really makes no sense when you consider that we have
>Nippondeso compressors on many of our cars. The climate controller system was
>absolutely an insult. This was the same system as my friend's 82 Seville
>never worked either. My 89 90q that I just picked up has it. I'm a little
>of it when I look at it too long.
Just charged up my A/C system on the 5kcstq last Friday and it was putting
out 48 deg F with outside temp at 90 deg.  Although it might have a fancy
front end controller, the heater and A/C design goes back to 1978.  If your
vacuum solenoids hold vacuum and the heater flap controller motor is not
stripped, and the recirc vacuum motor hasn't broken off its mounts, the
system will work just fine.  Wonder how many owners really have had failed
electronics and not mechanical stuff.


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