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Re: American's and stick shifts (long)

In a message dated 8/19/98 "Matt & Jenai" <matjen@xsite.net> writes:

<< An interesting article in today's WSJ.  Seems like a trend that will help
keep used quattro prices depressed in the US.  Hip hop hooray! >>

<WSJ article snipped>

Interesting point. Does that mean the days of cheap used V8 5spd. cars is
around the corner? One can only hope...

I can see F1 technology eventualy filtering down to the street car level. The
tiptronic is a step in the right direction but until they go to an electonic
clutch/gear selecter it is still a slushbox. I believe Ferrari has put the F1
gearbox into a (supercar) street car haven't they? Of course those paddle
switches would still be "in the way" of more important things than paying
attention to driving such as cel phones, make up and big macs ;-)

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (valueless stick shift)