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whats a sports car?

In message <005001bdcbad$2dfbcf60$245495c1@default> "DRoxburgh" writes:

> joining late as usual, but the WO Bentleys have to be considered as
> definitive sports cars (GTs and won Le Mans), and they had 4 seats, often 4
> doors, although the latter can be a moot point in some cases....

Depends on your terminology.  Four seats and two dickeys?

The dickey was wide enough, at a squeeze, to fit both the butler and the
maid.  Of course, this was only for transit - for touring around at the
destination the maid's place was taken by the picnic basket that the
estate car (original meaning) would have brought overnight.

Somewhat more room than the ur-quattro, I'm afraid.  You would have
difficulty fitting a decent picnic for four into the boot of an

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