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Re: Autostick/tiptronic

harrison <hsapir@multiverse.com> rightfully remarked:

>Yes sir...then it would be a "sports sedan"

> >Phil Payne wrote:

> >Can we agree on "sports cars don't have four DOORS"?

No matter how hard I tried I always failed to see how does the sheer number of
doors affect the car's performance, everything else being equal.

The only difference that I site in two door cars is the necessity to crawl in
the back seat on all four extremities, to cruise parking lots looking for a x2
parking space and to pay x3 insurance premiums.

Igor Kessel

Current 4-door fleet:
'89 200TQ -- very fast, very comfortable, $766/year insurance
'98 A4TQ -- reasonably fast, reasonably comfortable, $561/year insurance

Some 2-door sport-wannabe mistakes from the past:
'82 320i - slow
'82 TransAm - slow and clumsy, yet was $2600/year to insure