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Re: Alignment and tool 3075

	Wolff,  being as I am a tech at the dealer I can buy tools at cost.  When
I bought mine It was the princley sum of $19.00.  The two places we buy
tools are Zelenda tool and Machine in N.Y.,  and a company called
equipement solutions (not sure where).  Both can probably be found online.
If not the dealer can order it for you and list is probably $30-$35.  Let
me know.  If you are in New England maybe I can loan it to you,  Or
possibly just do the alignment for you.

Daniel Jones   86-4kcsq.

At 09:24 PM 8/19/98 -0700, you wrote:
>This is what I suspected. I wonder how much tool #3075 costs. Could you
>check the price for me Steve?
>Daniel Jones wrote:
>>         Re: tool #3075,  this tool is not needed to do the alignment on
a 4k
>> series car but makes the job much easier and allows you to get it more
>> accurate,  as you can hold the ball joint in one spot and when it is at
>> spec tighten the ball joint retaining bolts.  As far as just moving the
>> wheel,  it is probably off center for a reason,  like a poor alignment.
>> When we do the alignment at the dealer we use a jig that centers the rack
>> side to side,  then align the wheel,  ant then set the front toe on BOTH
>> sides.  This puts the rack is the right spot and ensures the wheel is
>> straight.  Most shops don't have the tools to do this and hence often the
>> cars are not truly in alignment.  I recomend going to a shop that truly
>> knows the car and is willing to provide a printout showing before and after
>> specs on the car.
>> Good Luck,  Daniel Jones-86 4kcsq
>> >> > I want to get my coupe GT aligned mostly because the steering wheel is
>> >> > not straight when driving straight. It doesn't really pull one way or
>> >> > the other.  I'm pretty sure that the generic shops will not have tool
>> >> > 3075 which is used to center the steering. Is there any chance they
>> >> > do a proper front alignment without it?
>> >>
>> >> I can't say for sure re GT but in all VW's I've seen and  also in 4kq
>> >> steering wheel
>> >> can be adjusted to any position you like. It has nothing to do with
>> >> alignment.
>> >> You need a 24 mm socket and a ratchet with a long extension.
>> >
>> >Yup, just gently pull the horn button off, don't try when cold,
>> >disconnect the horn wire.
>> >
>> >Remove big nut and washer, pull wheel off and reposition.  Replace big
>> >washer, nut, horn wire, horn button.  Next alignment, ask them (nicely)
>> >to center the rack.  Sometimes they skimp (to save time?) and only
>> >adjust one tie rod to set the toe.
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