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Re: How to check wheel bearings

Grab the wheel at 3:00 and 9:00.  Wiggle.  Any play?  Do the same at
roughly 12:00 and 6:00.  Now try to do a top-left/bottom right wiggle.
Same for the other diagonal.  Of course, it's easier to do if you jack the
wheel off the ground first but a really bad bearing will wiggle with the
tire on the ground.  This will also detect tie rod play, ball joint play,
etc...  Alternately, you can remove the wheel and wiggle the hub about.

At 11:49 PM 8/19/1998 ,  Greg East was inspired to say:
>  This may be a silly question, but how does one go about checking the
>  condition of wheel bearings. I'm taking my 86 4kcsq to a driver's school
>  the first time in October and one of the safety check items is wheel
>  bearings. I really don't want to get there and find out I can't play...

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