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Re: Automatics bashing thread

In a message dated 8/20/98 10:30:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time, alex@matrix.pl

> Hi List,

> As to the "automatics cause traffic jams"
>  argument, do you know how many people over here engage 1st already after
>  the green light has been on for a second or two? Now, _that's_ pi**ing off!
>  Aleksander Mierzwa
>  Warsaw, Poland

True, and I really wanted a stick v8 when I bought mine 4 years ago, but there
was no way I could afford one.  My v8q auto does quite nicely, though.  Beat
out most everyone here in Detroit even from a standstill, and haven't done too
badly at the track either.  Not to say that I wouldn't prefer to have a
stick:-)  This is my first automatic since 1981 and my personal prefernce
would be only to have a stick, but thankfully, the way some people drive,
there are automatics. 

When I went to driving school as a kid in the late 70's, they didn't even have
a stick shift equiped car.  I had to learn by driving my uncle's Opel in
Germany.  I wonder how many Americans would need to go through drivers
training and pass if they had to know how to drive stick shifts...

-Ingo Rautenberg
'90 v8q slushbox  202,500 miles
'85 4kq 5-speed  13?,000 miles