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Re: Old car reliability

> > What do listers do to keep old cars reliable?  This question comes from
> > losing a brake flex hose on my urQ driving in the mountains of Lake
> > Tahoe.
> Around three times a year it gets ramped at BR Motorsport and I spend
> about half an hour going over it with either Martin or Tim.  We use a
> hand-held floodlight and a large screwdriver to prod and poke just about
> every bush on the car, and check out all the bearings and flexible
> hoses.  The engine bay gets checked over once a week for hose leaks
> and other problems.
> I also make a habit, whenever I'm in narrow and quiet city streets,
> of lowering the windows and listening to the car just rolling and
> braking. 

Phil neglects to mention that he keeps a an entire spare car in the

But this is a very good question.  Aside from periodic examination and
paying close attention, as he mentions, it is an interesting task to
keep a high mileage/old vehicle reliable.

I would think a little list of the things that can stop you cold would
be a good idea.

electrical shorts and opens
hoses - coolant, vacuum, oil, fuel, brake
fuel pump

what else?

it helps to have some idea of the expected life of any of these items,
and of course a good maintenance log helps identify what hasn't been
replaced in a long time.

Huw Powell


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