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RE: Replace automatic with manual gearbox Audi coupe 86 (very long)

	I can't help you with your first question, but I may be able to with your
second. I had an '81 80 5+5 (4000) which had an auto in it when I got it. I
decided I'd be much better off with a manual because of the long distances
we often travel here in Australia. So I went down to the wrecking yard and
talked to them about it. They gave me the price of around $1000 for them to
do it or $300 if I were to do it. They would supply all parts but they would
keep the auto as well. I thought it would be better for me to do it even
though I basically had no experience doing this sort of thing. Basically the
bits you'd need to convert from auto to manual are as follows.

Left and Right Drive Shafts
Clutch Pedal (Should connect straight on to your existing pedal box)
(not sure about hydrualic clutch version though)
Accelerator cable
Accelerator linkage bar (the bit that bolts onto the accelerator pedal)
Also the accelerator cable goes through the fire wall in a different
Throttle body (the bit the bolts onto the inlet manifold)
Brake pedal (manual one is smaller)
Gear shift assembly (The interior parts attach straight on but you'll
probably need to modify the bit that goes onto the body)
Speedo cable
Spicot bearing
fly wheel
Reverse light wiring was already there (just needed to swap a few plugs
The part of the exhaust which connects to the manifold

modifications to body
The auto transmision tunnel is wider bu not high enough, I cut an opening
for the gearshift linkages and made up a bit of metal where the gearshift
boot goes through. To make the body higher I streched the metal by putting a
jack under the car at this point and resting the weight of the car on the
transmission tunnel. Then with plenty of hammering I managed to get it to
the right height. (I put the manual gearbox in (minus the clutch) to see if
there was enough room and if there wasn't made the tunnel bigger until
eventually there was). I didn't want to do to much cutting because i didn't
want the body to lose any strength. Also I had to make up a bracket to hold
the gearbox on with. This bracket just attached onto the original auto one.
(also there is a piece of metal which attaches to the subframe mounting and
the gearbox.

I didn't have many tools to begin with and all i needed was a few sockets, a
torque wrench, an really strong ratchet and a few other basic tools and that
was it. It took about two weeks to do but that was because I couldn't get a
new spicot bearing from anywhere and had to settle for a used one (or weight
2 months for Audi to get one).

After the modifications the car is much more fun to drive, uses less petrol
and I've learned a lot. BTW i also reconditioned my motor whilst in there.
The only thing which annoys me is the steering is way to light now and has
lost a lot of its feeling. My advice would be if you can get all the parts
for a reasonable price and are slightly mechanically minded then go ahead.
Also make sure you have plenty of time to do it incase something goes wrong.

My car was a bit older than yours so some things may differ (eg hydraulic
clutch) but generally i think it should be the same. Also if you have any
further questions just ask.


'81 5+5 175 000 Km

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> Subject: Replace automatic with manual gearbox Audi coupe 86
> Hello,
> Let me introduce myself first. My name is Erwin Eijsink and I'm from
> the Netherlands. I have been driving an Audi coupe 1.9 5 cylinder
> (1981) for 4 years by now.
> My next car is also an Audi coupe (1986) with
> automatic transmission and a 2.2 litre 5 cylinder engine (type KV).
> What I want to do is replace the engine by an 20V-2.3 litre engine
> (170 hp) from an Audi coupe (1989). I know someone who has done this
> before so I know what to expect.
> Changing from automatic transmission to manual gearbox is
> something I haven't done before. I
> allready saw that the chassis of the coupe with automatic
> transmission is a little different near the transmission (the
> transmission tunnel of the automatic looks wider then with the
> manual gearbox). The length
> of the drive shafts is also different.
> Does anybody know if it is possible to replace the automatic by
> the manual, and if so, do I have
> to change a lot to the chassis?
> For example: is there enough space for three pedals due to the
> wider transmission tunnel? Or should I
> cut out the transmission tunnel and weld the transmission tunnel of a
> coupe with manual gearbox in it?
> Kind regards;
> Erwin
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