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Thieves Steal Yeltsin's Cars

In message <> Aleksander Mierzwa writes:

> Not wanting to insult anyone, I think what tastes him best is Stolichnaya.

No, it's not Stolichnaya.  There was a short piece on television a few
years ago, and the programme editors spotted a bottle in the extreme
corner of the frame.   The still frame was enlarged beyong belief -
they recognised the brand but I've forgotten what it was.  Fewer
letters than Stolichnaya, though.  I've tasted genuine Russian vodka,
and it's _completely_ different from the rubbish they export.  Right
in the middle of the alcohol ban around stations and airports that
Gorbachev instigated in February 1989, I got stuck in Tashkent Airport
for ten hours.  After considerable effort and some phone calls to
Moscow, I got the airport manager to agree to sell me 10 centilitres
of vodka for one rouble.  I may have been a bit thirsty at the time,
but it was _wonderful_.  As you might imagine, 10cl is a bit much for
one Westerner so about three people benefitted.

On a related subject (only just) the first London area meeting for two
years took place last night.  London produced 14 ur-quattros, a 200TQ,
and an S2 with an RS2 engine transplant.  Not bad for a first meeting.

(Three 20Vs, four MBs, seven WRs.  One of the WRs was 'first series',
 with an analogue dash and mounting points for the cable-operated
 differential locks.  In _superb_ condition with 110k miles.  One
 car was very close to concourse, with an engine bay that looked like
 it had just left Neckarsulm but had the fingerprints wiped off.)

All in all, it was a very good night.  I hope we've brought a few more
members back into 'activity' and encouraged them to use their cars a
little more.  The beer was _excellent_ and those who ate at the pub
said the food was good, too.  It's a huge place, with a dedicated
room for club meetings.

 Phil Payne
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 01536 723021
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