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4kcsq skid plate

I need some help in  the construction of a skid plate for my 4kcsq.  type
and thickness of material, attachment points, etc.  Or anyone who has one
they want to get rid of.

Can you elaborate what you will be using the car for ? Building a skid-plate
the occassional off-road excursion and building one for a pro-rally car are
2 different

I just finished building one for my 4000 Pro-rally car, it was very involved
and took
more than a week of cutting and welding. Basicaly a frame has been built
1"x1" square stock which extends fron behind the gearbox, all the way to
behind the front valance and then extends upwrads to meethe cross member 
that is used as the attachment point for the front bumpers. The frame is
and triangulated for stength. The actual skid playe is made of 1/4"
and is made in 2 pieces, so that it is easy to dropp it for any oil changes.
I may use
3/16 steel - if the alluminm is found to be ineffective.
 I have about 2" clearnace between the skid-plate and the oil pan and about
clearance beteen the exhaust and the skid-plate. I shall have to drill some
1/2 "
cooling holes at the front and some holes at the back to let any sand/gravel