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Re: FW: Parts CDs? was Re: Carlsen general comment was Re: P/N for Cover hold

Jim and all:

We all know the legal ramifications of the tech. making copies and selling
them.  All of that aside, every response I received was affirmative in
wanting a copy, abet at a much lower (most ridiculously low: ala free or
$1.  Come on, guys, the microfiche is at least $5/sheet, 1 model per sheet.
 If you added up all the years and all the models the cost for the fiche
version would be significant.) cost than the tech. mentioned.

I'm not involved in any aspect of this questionable activity; I would not
be making or collecting money for any materials nor would I be involved in
the distribution.

That said, I think it would be cool to have the parts look-up system right
on my desktop.  It would only stand to benefit AoA if we all had access to
this info.   It would simplify the dealer only parts purchases immensely.

Also, one of the reasons I wanted the paper copy of the V8 repair manual is
that I get physically sick reading micro-fiche.  I don't get sick staring
at a computer screen (like I do 9+ hours per day), though.  I dread looking
at the fiche at the library or on the reader I have at home.

In any event, this CD issue is closed for now.  I for one won't pay $200
for it.

At 04:00 PM 8/21/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>From what I have been told (several dealership friends) the licensing
>agreement for these CD's indicates VW/Audi are very serious about
>controlling access to this information. It also requires an installation
>software disk separate of the CD. The risk of legal prosecution and loss
>of employment tells me he is offerings these at well below the potential
>cost of selling them. What does a dealer technician make per year these
>days? He would have to sell a lot of CD's to make up a single years
>salary and even more to pay the needed lawyers to get VoA and AoA off
>his back!
>I would love to see the CD's available to us all though.
>Does AoA still monitor this list?
>Jim Dupree
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>> P/N for Cover hold
>> You have a tech friend who is willing to copy them for what?!?!?!?!
>> And
>> they expire how often?  FedEx me the bloody CD, I'll dupe it for free
>> and
>> FedEx the disk back the same day.  Then sell copies for shipping
>> ($3-4) &
>> matl ($2 perCD)...
>> At 07:27 PM 8/20/1998 ,  John Karasaki was inspired to say:
>> >  I know a tech with a CD burner at home and he's thinking about
>> making a few
>> >  copies, probably $150-200 each ??? What do you think?
>> >  
>> >  What's the demand/price tolerance for this?  I'm not sure if he was
>> >  thinking $150-$200 per model or for all models.
>> >  
>> >  Is it one CD per model at the dealer?  Or are all the cars on one
>> CD?
>> >  
>> >  This tech is an acquaintance only; the usual disclaimers apply;
>> yada,
>> >  yada....
>> Cheers,
>> 	Richard
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Best Regards,

John Karasaki
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