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Re: Urq A/C compressor

"ANDREW FINNEY" <DFINNEY@classic.msn.com> wrote:
> I can tell you from personal experience that only an UrQ York Compressor
> will bolt in. The 4000 series compressors, although very similar, have
> different inlet / outlet positions that make it necessary to fabricate
> new lines. The compressors are mounted on different sides of the engine.
> Along this line, has anyone retrofitted a later 5000 series rotary-type
> compressor in an UrQ? The problem is the clearance in front of the
> radiator. Is there any straightforward AC bolt in, even a Japanese type?
> The York compressor design is a piece of crap. My rebuilt one died in 1.5
> years of minimal use.  Any ideas on this topic would be appreciated.

And along this line, does anyone know of a "modern" conversion for a 
4k/CGT compressor?  Like a Sanden type?  I suppose preferably it would be 
a very small, light, efficient Japanese one <ack>.

If it's a consideration, it would be for a car converted to R134a (which 
by the way, I've now noticed is nowhere near as efficient as my mother's 
Saturn running R12.  Hers is so good you have to turn down so you don't 
freeze, no matter what the outside temp.  Mine, is not.)