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Please help a lost VW guy (Quantum w/5cyl motor)

Hello all,
No one that works on VW's around here has been able to help me on this, so I
thought I would turn to you folks on this list. (As you seem to have a vast
wealth of Audi 5cyl information.) I own an 87 VW Quantum with the Audi 5cyl
engine. When I bought it I noticed a green wire was not connected to
anything, it was just resting on top of the valve cover. I ordered the
Bentley Manual ($85) and I still can't figure out where this wire goes??? It
comes out of the same harness as the ISV wires. It has a connector the is
female but it has a single spade inside. (female plastic on the outside -
male prong on the inside). While searching again today I discovered two
ground (one brown w/plastic connector, one brown/black) wires wrapped in
duct tape hidden next to the battery. Unwrapped them - one obviously
connects to a little tab on the valve cover, the other appeared to connect
to the mysterious green wire - so I hooked them up! (spirit of adventure and
all). The radiator fan stared up! The car was off - key out of the ignition.
Then fan just continued to run...... I started the car and the fan stopped.
Stopped the car and the fan started???? What gives??? All of these wires are
located in the back of the engine - near the valve cover. Please help, no
one seems to know what to do to the poor Quantum.