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Re: coupe motor

rm mcaleer writes:
> This is Richard, again!!!  We were cruising around near some local
> junkyards and came across one that had an Audi coupe in it.  Of course,
> as many you know, I am in need of a motor for an Audi 4000. ('84).  We
> are not sure of the year because we did not stop.  We called the junkyard
> to ask if the car had a motor.  The guy said it did, but it was a stick
> shift. My car is a automatic.  So here are the questions.  Would a coupe
> motor fit in an Audi 4000?

The coupe has a 5-cylinder motor, your 4000 has a 4-cylinder.  It's not
a bolt-in transplant.  You'd need to change too many other things
to make it work.  If you're trying to save money, forget it.

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