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Re: Ward's Article (No Audi C

> >You should hear German opinions on how you guys pronounce their
> >language.
> Goes both ways.  Germans butcher English.  Many pronounce v's as w's as if
> English were Latin.  Most pronounce English very "strictly" or "harshly",
> which ahrownd Bawstin gesya in'tah troubah, 'cordin tah Chaaalie :)  I
> think it's universal and just a fact of life that people don't like other
> people's langauges.  I certainly don't blame the German...

Everyone on both sides of this euation should check out the following


and you'll get an intimate opinion of the German language intelligently 
rendered by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) from his 1880 book "A Tramp
Abroad." Most enjoyable is his translation *into* German of "The Tale of the 

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