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30 days in the hole [was: I ate a sandwich in a car in theUK]

I don't get to the list much anymore, but boy, do I miss it.

I particularly like the update on traffic laws in the UK.
$40 for using a phone; walkin' papers for snacking while driving?  Not to mention sweating from all the 
non-drivers in SUV's?  

Call me crazy, but I really don't want our traffic cops
stopping to write tickets for taking a business call;
or inspecting the vehicle for Super Burger wrappers.

No, I just want them to wait.  Wait and wait and
wait.  Then, when that 1 in a million 18 wheeler with
a king sized bed and a load of pipe comes by at 
a speed that pulls paint off of cars, stop THAT guy.

I think we should devise a "menace" rating, and
then mete out tickets according to what is and what
ain't.  Meth + colored TV + CB + 8 track player + 
water bed + girlie magazines + a load that  mile of
burning rubber can't stop = menace.  Stop this dude.

Some working man / woman that busts as* all day and into the night, trying to make a buck they can
keep, who just happens to either eat a sandwich 
on the road, or miss a meal entirely?  That same 
guy who grabs a cup of joe before he is otd for 
another long sales drive?  In our country we call
these people good folks who are probably 
already taxed too highly as it is.  Let them pass.

IMFO, if you can't drive a manual transmission car
while taking a call, you lack the coordination it takes
to be on the road at all---except perhaps in the 
passenger seat.