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Hi all,

Was watching a 'crime-stopper' show on Dutch TV last week, where some guys
stole an Audi 80 to ram-raid a jeweler's store, and made their getaway in a
200 turbo.  At least they had an excellent taste in vehicles...

The magazines are reporting that Audi have finished the Al2 prototype into
a production reality- the A2 is going to enter the mini-MPV fray where the
dreadful (from a design point of view) Renault Megane Scenic rules supreme.
I wonder if the production A2 will be as close to the proto as the TT/TTs
turned out to be- that would be a very brave decision on Audi's part. Very
unlikely, IMO.

My 90q is alive again- a battery transplant did the trick. It's a used
battery, so that if it turns out to be an alternator problem after all I
won't have fried another new battery. At least it started first time after
putting the new batttery in. Let's see how long it'll last...

Non-Audi: it's expensive-car season here. Saw two Ferrari 456s, a
Testarossa, three Jags XK8 and one XJRs 6.0 this week. All quite rare here,
and extremely expensive stuff. Also saw my first Lincoln Navigator here,
and it's HUGE! Gee, these beasts must require planning permission to park!
Must be a personal import, because AFAIK they're not for sale here.