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RE: A4 alignment nightmare (UPDATE and rave)

Thai; One thing you may want to consider. If after taking your car to the dealer you still have a pulling problem you may want to take it to a QUALIFIED body shop and have the unibody measured. I know this sounds extreme but once in a great while a car can come off the assembly line and be just enough out of spec to cause an car to be "un-alignable". This is a last resort measure obviously. Good luck,  Peter

From:  Thai Tjen
Sent:  Wednesday, August 12, 1998 3:03 PM
To:  quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject:  A4 alignment nightmare (UPDATE and rave)

several weeks ago i posted the alignment problem on my
wife's A4 2.8Q avant. i received a response from Daniel Jones
who's WAGNER AUDI service tech lead. so i accepted his offer
to take a look at my car.

turned out that the alignment was all out of whack and the
left rear was mysteriously way off the spec and somehow
couldn't be adjusted close to within spec. so Wagner audi
was in touch with audi tech line and eventually figured out
how to get the left rear alignment dead-on (turns out that
the rear subframe can be adjusted - but not documented by audi).

now the alignment is within spec, but it still pulls
to the right. so the folks at WAGNER is talking to the
tech line again trying to figure this out. there's gotta be
another gremlin somewhere. i will post an update once this is

anyway, stay away from those idiots at CLAIR audi!!! these
are the people who told me that the alignment was within spec
(after 2 visits) and on the 3rd visit, refused to even put my
wife's car on the alignment rack because they feel that "most
drivers won't notice the pull". what the @#$% !!!

anyway, if you need a competent and service-oriented
audi service in massachusetts area, give these guys a shot.
they're really cool. they treat me well too - considering
that i didn't even buy the car from them. i'm not in anyway
related to WAGNER audi - just a very satisfied and grateful
customer. at least they're working hard to find and fix my

Thai Tjen