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Stupid tricks, AOA phone number

For the Complaint Resolution Disivsion of AOA, look in the phone directory
under "Dial a Prayer" . . .

Stupid tricks, cell phones, paying attention - Yesterday, I was at a major
intersection here, 4 lane road north and south, heavily traveled two lane
road east-west, turning lanes from 4 lane, no divider, LOTS of traffic,
everyone in a hurry, very hot outside, short tempers, you get the picture.

I'm in the left, southbound lane, first in line at the light, there's a van
to my right, blocking my view of the sidewalk. Light turns green,
northbound traffic launches like Monaco Grand Prix, van starts moving, and
so do I, wanting to get out of the pack of traffic . . . van stops!

I see this happening, and immediately get off the gas - I don't know what
is wrong, but the fact that he's stopping NOW means SOMETHING is going on.

There's a girl in a wheelchair crossing the entire intersection on the

And she couldn't care less about the traffic! She's screaming curses and
pumping herself across four lanes of heavy traffic, here I come, and F* You
if you don't like it!

Everyone comes to a screeching halt, gets their heart beating again, and
goes merrily on their way.

Damn. I thought I'd seen most everything, too.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman