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  So if you have any good quick/easy solutions
>that may have worked for you please drop me a line.  I would really
>appreciate it.
>chad frederick
>86 4kcs Q

>Stock Audi pads come with a thin smooshy-pad that supposedly prevents
>I believe it can be ordered/bought seperately; I've installed Audi pads

>way you _can_ get it is by ordering it seperately.  I think the Bently

>- ------
>Brett Dikeman

I just installed these 'smooshy-pads' which are actually small metal
disc-shaped springs that keep pressure between the pad and piston.  The
part number is: 443 615 231.  They cost about $16 from the dealer, and
are made by Girling.  These, combined with the blue Permatex goo keep
the Remsa metallic pads on my '87 Coupe GT quiet.