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Re: Radio Removal

Go to your local building supply and buy one piece of hanger wire for 
hanging suspended ceilings - this will give you enough wire to make 
several sets of radio pulling tools. - Hey give some to your friends!

Note by making two you can pull the radio out all at once and don't 
need to go side to side.

> To get the radio out you need to find two small diameter (1/8") rods (I use
> small philips head screw drivers).  You push these in the holes on one side of
> the radio and pry slightly to the left on the left and to right for the right
> side. As you apply pressure to the left or right also pull towards you
> slightly. What you are doing is depressing two spear shaped tabs that keep the
> radio from sliding out. 
> Do this on one side until the radio is loose and then do it on the other. At
> this point the radio should be loose and you should be able to pull it out
> until you can undo the connections. Then throw it away and buy a real one!
> Just my humble opinion :).
Thomas A. Robbs
Milwaukee, WI
1988 90Q, 1993 S4