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RE: 20V URq drive and

Went visiting in Wellington yesterday passing through to home some 400kms

Met up with Dave Eaton and his cars - 1990 Urq 20V and RS2 (no-one should be
this lucky :) )

Dave very kindly took me for a spin first in the RS2 - shatteringly quick
and keeps pulling forever - stunning bit of hardware. Very sig kick in
torque at about 4000 but docile below this. When the torque kicks in first
time experienced its incredible - almost takes your breath away - actually
reminded me a bit of a recent experience in a Porsche 930 Turbo in its

But he saved the best till next - his Black 1990 20V URq - approx 100000kms
and he's second owner - the car is in excellent hands. I had driven a 1988
MB the day before in Christchurch and didn't expect too much difference. How
wrong I was!!

For anyone who has never driven this model - crawl over hot coals to do so -
I have never driven a car that is so instantly desirable - the sense of
being part of the car and the feel is indescribable - the power, steering,
suspension control, lack of roll - sharp corners at full throttle and the
wheels describe an extremely accurate arc with no vice through the wheel - I
thought my A4 was good (and it is) but this car was incredible. Why did they
stop making them.

Compared to the MB the RR is much more refined and smoother in power
delivery. The steering lighter and more accurate. Unfortunately both drives
were quite short - after driving the MB I thought "I'd really like one of
these". After driving Dave's RR I thought "I _have_ to own one of these
before I die - the Ferrari's off the list".

Thanks Dave for the opportunity - I now understand.

Greg Spark
'96 A4 1.8Tq mtm 187hp
New Zealand