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5ksq idle screw?

Ok, I couldn't resist and I played around w/ the idle screw- the slotted one
on the side of the filter housing- not the hex bolt adjustment.  Is there a
rule of thumb w/ setting the air/oxygen w/ this adjustment screw?  Too rich-
smell gas?  I had everything totally set up a while back and shouldn't have
messed w/ anything.  Also, this screw really doesn't seem to effect the idle
as I thought it should- does this mean that the electronic idle stabilizer
switch under the throttle body is bad- again?  As always, any thoughts would
be greatly appreciated.
    BTW, commuting from Boulder to Denver every day on highway 36 has given
a new meaning to the word "incompetence".  I have never experienced anything
like it in my life.  Now I see why road rage is such a problem out here-
moron drivers!  Just my two cents worth.

Thomas C. Turse
85 4ksq
Boulder, CO