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RE: Change hydraulic lifters

... I did it myself on the 5000 turbo quattro wagon.  Given the fact that
you have to remove the cam it seems pretty daunting.  If you're planning to
change your timing belt it is very easy to do the lifters at the same time.
I would have to say that if you weren't changing the timing belt (or water
pump) that it might be an awful lot more work.  You need to pull off the
front cover of the engine, loosen the bolt that attaches the pulley to the
cam and loosen the water pump (the timing belt tensioner).  There is a
proper sequence to loosening the cam bearing caps and then the cam can be
removed.  Replace the lifters and then reassemble.  If you aren't changing
the timing belt you won't have to remove the crank pulley.  You will need to
get a new o-ring seal for the water pump and probably a new front cam seal.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> Is changing the hydraulic lifters on an I5-engine hard or easy?
> Can a "some-experience" home-mechanic do this?
> Some-experience: Done some work with the car, not anything inside the
> engine except spark plugs, oil etc.