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Re: (Novice) Standard PS flui

>  GBR> I just bought an '84 5000S (non-turbo, non-Q) quite cheaply;
>       Cheap is relative, whats the mileage?  Around here 1984 5KSs
>       with good cosmetics can be had for $250-$600. Is it an
>       Automatic or a Stick?  

US$350, body has some dents, automatic (say hello to high highway RPMs..).

>      Sounds like the manifold bolts, MAJOR PITA (pain in the A$$)

i.e. broken-off exhaust manifold bolts?

>       weight in Silver. The entire hydraulic system, which on
>       the 5000 includes the power steering pump, expen$ive
>       hoses, steering rack, accumlator (bomb), has to be
>       replaced,

Hmm. I was hoping for 'replace all seals, also all non-metal
hoses.' Would that be worth a try?

>  GBR> -the upper-middle-of-the-instrument-cluster brake warning light
>       On the 1984 model the low brake fluid and the low
>       Pentosin Hydraulic Mineral Oil reservoir share the
>       same warning light.

Hmm. Coming to think of it, there is a connector with no cable
going to it on top of the Pentosin reservoir.
The brake fluid looks fresh and full enough (color is a pale
yellow-amberish, quite transparent. Is that the right type
of brake fluid? :)
What else would the light be warning about?
(No sensor --> light on?)
IF I can find that wire, what value should the sensor give
for OK conditions (or, what should I put on the wire to simulate
an OK-saying sensor to see if anybody else is triggering the light?)

>       weak points.  Based on your experience with
>       the previous owner, I'm willing to bet the
>       car also needs a heater core, blower motor,
>       water pump, timing belt change, a tie rod
>       or two, ball joints, strut bearings....etc.

Well, he didn't have too much of a clue.
I wouldn't go to the trouble of finding a roll of duct 
tape to fix the broken-off end of a $2 windshield
wiper - which was only loosely sticking to the arm - 
myself, but he sure did.
The stereo (Sony digital AM/FM, cass. with autoreverse,
maybe one of the more valuable components of the car)
works all the way again, after I plugged in one speaker
where the wires had fallen off...
A/C is broken ("disconnected for more power; I don't use it" -
this is Massachusetts, but it's still a lame line).
Heater works very nicely, electronic controls seem OK
(though I don't have the wheather for indepth testing right now).
Is the electronic A/C control module worth saving/selling 
if this car goes to the junk yard rather too soon? :)

The power mirrors are a curiosity - on both, pushing either left/right
or up/down produces only left-right movement...