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Re: interesting 90 coupe q

In a message dated 98-08-24 13:18:05 EDT, you write:

 the consensus from the 20v list has said that 4kqs have more power down
 low - and, as one lister said, MUCH MORE GRUNT below 4k ..
 i was floored -- thought that this car (the 20v cq) would be a nice and
 fast car -- but with no low-end torque, I'll have to get used to driving
 it around town all over again (if I purchase)... >>

Gotta say, (I've owned at least 100 (one hundred) 4000 quattros) that I'd be
hard pressed to feel that a 20 valve , coupe or 4 door , was SLOW. Seems to me
that something's not right. Cam timing most likely. It is true that some cars
go better than others and there's some talk about how they're broken in , or
how they 're driven on a daily basis or the kind of gas you use, etc, but SLOW
still doesn't make it compared to a 4000 q. I  know, the 4000 Q's are geared
lower (like a GTI VW) so they may feel quicker off the line, but.............
the 20 valves are not SLOW and set up right they definetly run strong, very
Dave Flagg
So Burlington, VT