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1988 90 %x% Wiring Problem

I just purchased a very clean and low mileage 1988 90. The only problem is
that the emergency brake light remains on no matter the position of the
brake. The previous owner had removed the light which is a very cost
effective fix. Unfortunately, the car will not pass inspection without this
light functioning properly (the only problem). I have checked the emergency
brake switch and it is ok. The continuity of the circuit wires (one brown
and one brown and white) is good between the emergency brake switch and the
wire harness connector at the instrument panel. I have checked the fuses and
they are all ok. Have reviewed Bentley with no solution identified. At this
point, I have to say Uncle. A couple of questions and any comments welcome.

1) Where does the power for this circuit come from? There is no power at the
connectors for the brake switch but obviously the panel light is energized.

2) There is a printed circuit board for the instrument lights. Do these
circuits fail and short? If so, where would be the best place to obtain
replacement board? Big bucks?

3) Any other thoughts on solutions?

I really hate the thought of having to pay the Audi dealer to make a repair
(which I have to believe is very simple) in order to get this thing through


Bob Dodd

83 CGT
88 90 5x5
93 K1500