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Re: 4000q headlight question

> I have an '84 4000q with quad sealed beam headlights, and I've
> recently noticed that my high beams glow very faintly when the
> low beams are on.  Even stranger, when I'm on high beam, my
> low beams are almost as dim!  Is this my stock wiring having
> excessive resistance, which will be cured when I put in relays
> for the whole system?  I sure hope so.

Yes, yes, and yes...

Your grounds are probably poor, and the voltage is finding its way home
through the other wires.  Strangely enough, the unused wires (eg Hi when
you're on Lo) are grounded.  When you do the relays you will probably
set up a nice solid ground point and render your problem moot.

Huw Powell