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Holy RS2 Moly...

Hello All,

I returned from the ultimate car weekend last Thursday to find my '93 S4
waiting with a shiny new RS2 manifold and turbo bolted on. I have to admit
that I was feeling a tinge of buyers remorse as the whole setup from Hoppen
isn't exactly pocket change (although some of us did get a quantity

I can now get 25lbs of boost at will and this evening driving up 36 from
Boulder to Louisville I laid into it and got a pretty long stretch of 30 PSI
OF BOOST. Sehr Gut!!!! Oh what a feeling. It is amazing haw any remnants of
buyer's remorse are shattered as that little needle creeps up to 10 psi and
then quickly (very quickly) swings past 25 psi like it ain't no thang!

Boy that turbo pumps out the positive manifold pressure. I hope that Samco
hose holds on tightly.

My new setup has freed up a set of TAP chips (gave 22 psi of boost) and a
K24/26 hybrid that are now for sale, let me know if you are interested? I'm
asking $225 for the chip set and $400 obo for the turbo (John Karasaki has
first right of refusal at $400).

I thought I was going to get about 25 psi of boost so I bought a new VDO
Vision boost gauge that reads vacuum as well as 25 psi of boost. Obviously
this piece will not work for me so it is up for sale as well for 5 bucks
less than I paid for it (probably around $30, I'll check later).

Let me know if you are interested. In the meantime I'll be playing the 30
psi game up and down highway 36 in Colorado.

Frank "Big ol' grin" Amoroso