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'91 Audi 200q 20vt for Sale

I went to look at a '91 200q 20vt last night, these cars were never sold in Canada and this is a US spec model. The car is currently for sale just East of Toronto Canada, the seller is asking $8,900 CDN or ~5,800 US. There will be 15% sales tax but at this price I don't expect it to last long and he has an offer of $8,000 CDN from a dealer.

I had planned on buying the car to perform a 20vt conversion to my '83 ur-q. I would have parted out anything I wouldn't 
need for the conversion. However after looking at the car I wouldn't have the heart to start disassembling it. 

The car is in nice shape. It's darkish metallic blue with grey leather sport seats and 86,000 miles. The rear windows have all been tinted very dark, the fronts to a lesser degree. There were a few scuffs on the rear bumper some stone chips and a little bit  of rust where passenger side bonnet shock had rubbed the paint off the top of the wing. The engine looked very clean with only a little light rust on the oil pan.

I did not drive the car, it was actually parked in the service area of Owasco Audi/VW having a hydraulic leak attended to. The owner said some hydraulic work had already been done and that an o-ring was being replaced under warranty. According to the owner the "brakes had been done" although it was not clear if he meant the rears and/or the UFO's he did say the bomb had been replaced. When I asked about boost the owner paused and then said it was making 1.4bar. The guy seemed nice enough just not very Audi knowledgeable.

So if you want details email me and I can pass on his number. He is very motivated to sell and said that he had 5 other callers who were interested. He is also selling a rough looking '77 911 with a turbo body conversion. apparently if he can sell both cars soon he has a new Contour SVT lined up to buy.

Regards, Mike

p.s. I am probably walking away from one of these once in a life time bargains, ho hum..... at least I'll still have a wife.