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90 CQ performance/mild rant

Subject was: interesting 90 coupe q

Since Dave Flagg mentioned that cam timing could be off on the CQ, I was
wondering one more thing--

The dealer "can't seem to find any records" on the car.  This includes a
VIN search.  He says that since it was a Canadian import, they can't get
the records on the car.  Is this a steaming pile of s**t or what?  I
called AoA (thanks for the number, both lists) and the kind woman agreed
that the VIN was definitely sold to Canada, so the dealer isn't lying

Now, since there are no records, I have no idea if the timing belt has
been changed.  From the two 20v web pages that I've hit, timing belt is a
must _at least_ at 90k.  The car has 90k (or about 140+k km) on the odo...
I _want_ this information.

I'll assume it wasn't done.  How much should I ask off the price if it
needs a bomb and the timing belt done?  I'd figure at least $500-$700 for
my troubles, as the dealer is _not_ doing the work...

I would just like to take this time to say that sometimes, dealers can be
such pains in the butts -- well, I really mean the salesmen.  I know
plenty listers are of this job persuasion, so I'll limit my comments and
exclude present company... but mostly, these guys are incompetent and
don't know much about the car they are selling except that it looks nice
and straight, and what a _rare_ car this is ... blech...  I apologize,
since none of the salespeople on the list are like this, I'm sure.

Thanks for listening,

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