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Brake work, do-it-yourself

I've mentioned a 3M kit, to remove ridges from discs and
to scuff the rotor to help reseat pads. I was at my local
parts store over the weekend and wrote down the actual
part number.

3M Part #01410
Brake Rotor Surfacing Discs
9-120grit sanding discs
1-Roloc disc pad & 1/4" mandrel

Price - $36.00

I managed to find a kit at a tool discounter for $15. Hope
everyone else who is interested can be so lucky.

The "Roloc disc pad" is reusable with other Roloc abrasive
discs. These are usually available at any parts store that
sells the above mentioned kit.

NOTE: I was talking to a service rep at Carousel Audi (MN)
in reference to a problem I'm having with a front bearing
and I mentioned the brake resurfacing that I had done, didn't
phase him a bit, even commented that they sometimes do the
same thing to resolve/cure some braking problems.

Suspect Bad Bearing, symptoms:
Excess heat felt when touching wheel on suspect side.
Vibration felt in steering at certain speeds.
Occasional vibration during light braking.
Heard a squeak/squeal noise once pulling out of fuel station.

Comments, opinions?

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