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4kq charging problems

Paul - had a similar problem on my  86 4kq a few years back. Low voltage
generation, then pffft no volts. Turned out that after about 140k miles,
the brushes in the alternator wore out. I was able to buy replacement
brushes at the dealer (just brushes with a wire attached, no molded
plastic housing) for about $6. Removed alternator, removed brush set
holder (molded plastic housing, two screws), desoldered old brushes,
soldered in new, reassembled, reinstalled. Another 85k mi, and still
going strong, though the new H4/H1's are giving it a heavy workout.
There are a few different variations on this alternator, so it is a good
idea going in to the dealer what it is you are looking for. If you can
buy the brushes installed in a plastic housing already, you are further
ahead to do so. My ancient soldering iron tends to be a little generous
with the heat, and the plastic does not like this. Better than a rebuilt
at $150 a pop tho.

Good Luck,
Craig Lebakken
86 4kq