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Re: 90 CQ performance/mild rant

> Now, since there are no records, I have no idea if the timing belt
has been changed.  From the two 20v web pages that I've hit, timing
belt is a must _at least at 90k.

The timing belt on a 20v should actually be changed every 60K miles.
This is also recommended in a technical service bulletin by AOA. BTW:
This is a fairly standard interval for any interference head. The
repair should be about $350-$400 which must include water pump, idler
pulley, all new belts, and labor. If you wait until the belt breaks
the repair should run you about $1300-$2000 for new valves, guides,
pistons?, and labor.

The bomb is a simple job you can do yourself if you are inclined see
the instructions on the 20v page.

My thoughts are these are both normal repairs on this car. By the time
the car has 120k miles on it you will probably replacing the AC
Condenser ($350), O2 Sensor ($120), All exhaust doughnuts ($40), many
tiny light bulbs ($1ea), and several fuel injectors ($150ea). These
all seem to go at 100k miles. Plus you have standard wear like shocks,
tires, and breaks. But all this is fairly typical with Audis (as you
may already know).

I truly love the way my 20v drives, looks, and feels. JMT.

Michael Benno
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