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Re: [CQ] R-134a A/C conversion?

Just went through this ordeal this summer. A good AC mechanic and I
looked at the system and were considering replacing it.

We estimated new compressor, condenser and rec./drier, and r134 would
run about $1000 to 13000.

The mechanic pressure checked and tested each component in the system
and determined the only failed component was the condenser ($700 OEM).
The condenser in this vintage Audi's were aluminum with steel bolts
running through them. Chronic failure was due to galvanic corrosion
around the bolts. It leaked like a sive.

He tested the whole system to 5parts per million (PPM), standard test
is 1ppm. He fond no leaks anywhere and the compressor and rec./drier
were working fine. We determined r12 would be the best way to go
considering the condition of the rest of the system. Also, he noted
cleaning the system for r134 would be quite labor intensive.

We replaced the condenser with a brass aftermarket one (no galvanic
problems) for $325. Total repair was $715. The mechanic was impressed
the system and said it was the coldest system he ever seen. So I am
happy now and cool.

Mike Benno

---Bob.Sandy@USPTO.GOV wrote:
> Has anyone ever attempted (and/or succeeded) converting their/an Audi
> from R-12 to R134a?
> The A/C in my 1991 Coupe Quattro just quit.  The climate control[ler]
> seems to check out o.k. according to the fault diagnosis described in
> the Bentley.  However, the compressor does not turn on.  I suspect the
> system pressure is too low to turn the compressor on.  
> Before I consider having the present R-12 system corrected, I thought
> I'd ask if there has been any experience(s) and advise from the
> Thanks,
> Bob
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