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Re: air bag light staying on...??

Phil Rose <pjrose@servtech.com> wrote:

>I posted on the qlist about this a couple of months ago, having noted the
>same long period (over 2 minutes) in my "new" '91 200q. Records show the PO
>of my car had complained of this problem soon _after_ the airbag recall
>work was done last Fall. He returned to dealer who stated (on a work order)
>that they were unable to find any specific "problem". Nothing further was
>done AFAIK.
>I called Audi about this situation and had a discussion with the Customer
>Relations rep (Amanda). She checked with the AoA "safety guy" and called me
>back saying something to the effect of "The long light isn't proper
>behavior of the system. You should bring it to an authorized Audi dealer to
>have it checked out, but the diagnosis will be at _your_ cost." The
>implication was that they would bear the overall cost only if it was
>verified that the problem was caused by faulty parts or improper
>installation. I suppose they wanted to avoid bearing any cost to fix
>something caused by 3rd party (or owner) malfeasance.

I had the airbag recall done as well, early in the recall campaign, but
haven't seen an extended light.

Personally, I would go through the roof if an Audi rep stated "Sounds like
an improper function" and *you'll* have to pay for the diagnosis.

I'd ask them to put it in writing and I'd forward it to the head of AoA and
the NHTSA.