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Re: Help with License Plates

Toggle your mail program's views right and the above subject reduces to:

Re: Help with Lice...
IMHO, this thread belongs on yuppie.com under personal grooming thread,
cause real men/women don't need no stinking vanity plates.

Don't mind me, Audi gods visited for several days (performed intended
disintegration) and left me with their early xmas shopping list:
      trans mounts, 
      inner cv boot (actually the drive shaft is clicking anyway) 
      rebuilt rack
all because I was too lazy to replace the d&*! steering rack.  Graydon
will be hearing from me right after I apply for that home equity loan.

Note to J. Groggin, along lines of our recent mail, replace front pads,
have rotors machined, put all back together, presto, bomb goes south.

Have a nice day (the indifferent imperative) :-(
MJ Murphy
89 100 (I don't even know my plate number)