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many things

A few comments on the past couple of issues:

Didn't European Car run a story a year or so ago on converting an Audi 4kq
to R134a?  As I recall they estimated a price of $1200...but I honestly don't
recall if that was what they said you should pay to have it done or to do it
yourself.  Can't comment on the oil compatibility scheme mentioned recently.

On pulling the radio...when I got my Blaupunkt Denver (which doesn't fit
in my 4kq :( ) it came with two pulls like the ones described as made ou of
coathangers.  It seems likely a stereo shop would sell something like this 
pretty cheaply.

I have the same sunroof problem with the white rubber tubing showing through
the black on one of the corners...I was thinking about some heavy duty tape,
but would like a better fix...I suspect that fixing it 'right' would be a real
pain though compared to putting some tape on it.  And it's water-tight anyway,
so I'm not excited about it yet.  Maybe after tommorrows hurrican rolls 

I called the number for the 1991 V8 in Pennsylvania and the guy swore he didn't
have on on the lot, and if there was one there it was in for service...any

I saw a 911 the other day with the plate CMXI  -this should work with the 4000
as well, as MMMM.  Or you could make it MMMM Q  - or how about MMMM 911, which
would be what your car would say after it ate a 911 for lunch (probably
a bit presumptions unless you have an UrQ).

Nathan B. Thomas