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Re: interesting 90 coupe q

"Mark L. Chang" <mchang@ece.nwu.edu> wrote:

>the consensus from the 20v list has said that 4kqs have more power down
>low - and, as one lister said, MUCH MORE GRUNT below 4k ..

>i was floored -- thought that this car (the 20v cq) would be a nice and
>fast car -- but with no low-end torque, I'll have to get used to driving
>it around town all over again (if I purchase)...

>Any q-list 20v owners (NA, no turbos please :> ) care to comment on the
>low-end grunt of this car vs. my 87 4kcsq?

I've driven both, and decided to go for a 10v- the 20v's power delivery
doesn't suit my 'lazy' driving style. The first time I drove a 20v, I
thought something was wrong- it stalled when I drove off, and had no power
at all. Then again, the I-4 80 1.8 I had at the time had plenty of low-end

The 20v is very powerful when you rev it hard. That is a bit against my
nature, though, but YMMV. Also, as we pay four times as much for fuel in
Europe as you do in the US, most tend to drive a little less 'aggressive'
WRT revs.


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
 1987 Audi 90q 2.3E, Tizianrot metallic, 165,000km

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