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RE: Air Bag light

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who responded to my initial post. Too
many for me to respond to individually, even. 

It seems quite a few people have had a problem with the air bag light staying
on. The two solutions I've heard regard:

1) an issue with a spring in the steering column. AoA knows of this problem,
and it replacing the spring has solved the problem. 

2) an error code is stored in the ecu which keeps the light on longer than
usual. VAG 1551 resets this light after erasing the errant warning message.

The above are the only solutions I've heard so far. It seems a number of
people have had this problem, though. If there are any other specific
solutions/suggestions, please let me know. I will take the car in to the
dealer soon to have this checked. I'd like to be able to present them with
some 'their fault' repair attempts before I have to pay for it. It doesn't
seem there's much on this I can do on my own. Hopefully it will be free.



91 200q mit recalled-air bag...