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It still barks!

Okay.    I picked up the car today from the Audi dealer.  You might
recall that it had been "barking" (slipping) when shifting from 2nd to
3rd.  Well, it still makes the same slipping noise, and it shifts kinda

The dealer swapped out the radiator for a new one.  Said the electronic
device you all described told him that this was where the transmission
was malfunctioning.  Apparently the tranny cooler was kaput and the
coolant and transmission fluid were hell-bent on switching places.  Once
this was replaced, he swears that all is now right with the world.

Regardless, it's still making the squeak-like barking noise and it still
seems to shift pretty hard.

My question:  Does anyone else out there have a 1993 100cs (automatic)
that makes this wierd noise between 2nd and 3rd?   Has Audi declared
this noise as "acceptable?"   Does anyone else have problems with the
idea that the coolant/trans fluid swap was the only culprit that would
make the shifting between 2nd and 3rd (ONLY) seem hard and make unusual

Thanks a lot for your help!

John Courtney