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RE: A3 Spotted in Phoenix


My thought's exactly !  I've been waiting for the A3's debut in the States
for quite some time.  I spoke to a sales rep at my Local Audi Dealer (Sunset
Imports, Beaverton Oregon) the other day, about this topic.  According to
him, the A3 is not going to be introduced into the U.S. market.  Reason :
Apparently VW is not doing well with their "GTI coupe" sales, thus Audi is
not going to bother.  

When I inquired further, the salesman stated that even if you imported an A3
to the states, and converted it to US standards, it would still have to pass
the US department of transportation guidelines.  This includes doing
extensive studies and crash testing one as well. 

BUT, sounds like he could be wrong according to your sighting in Phoenix.
Although, I've noticed that Audi of America's website does not include the A3
or information about it.  If you check other Audi sites ie - Germany's,
Brazil's, or Spain's - it does have the A3 included in the lineup.

Dang, that would be fun to drive one.  I'd be interested if you find out more

Drew C. Boggs 
86 4kCSQ / 85 4kSQ (RIP) 

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	While in Phoenix on a recent business trip in Phoenix Arizona,
driving on 
	Southbound I-17 a few miles north of the airport, saw an unusual
	Audi pass me in the passing lane.  At first glance, it looked like an
	Avant from the rear.  I sped up to see what it was and noticed it was
	Tropic Green Audi A3 with Arizona Manufacturer Plates.  The car was 
	covered in mud and its 20-something driver, sporting dark sunglasses
	the front seat all the way back and definitely looked like he was 
	enjoying the ride.  I wanted to give him that "Audi brotherhood"
	but figured he wouldn't understand as I was driving a rental Nissan

	Anyone have any ideas when the A3 will be introduced into the US


	Ken Gorman
	1996 A6
	1990 Audi 200 Turbo - 151K miles, For Sale
	1987 5000 CST