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'91 200Q: hard pedal -- bad bomb?

In message <35E32FF1.6F8191C8@pacbell.net> Arun & Vimala Rao writes:

> This problem is probably common to all the type 44's -- for the past
> week, I notice that the brake pedal is firmer than usual, esp. when I
> take the car out first thing in the morning. Braking effort is higher as
> well. The brake idiot light on the dash has been slow to go out for
> quite a while, and that continues to be the case.  Brake fluid and hyd.
> reservoir fluid are fine -- should I suspect the infamous bomb?

Not at first.  Take the return line from the brake servo to the
reservoir off at the reservoir end and start the engine.  If you get
anything more than a very few drops, the servo is leaking and needs
to be replaced.

If that _isn't_ happening, connect a continuity tester of some sort
(buzzer, lamp, ohmmeter) to the pressure switch mounted on the servo
body and switch off the engine.  It should take fifteen to twenty
brake pedal depressions to close the switch's contacts.  If it takes
less, or if the switch closes on its own, the bomb is defective.

 Phil Payne
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