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Re: Sounds in front suspension


after my second day of investigation I think I finally found the
reason for the noisy suspension *yeah*.
After checking the subframe (everything tight) I thought of the tie
rods. Obviously nothing wrong. So I had my mother turn the steering
wheel while I was outside with my hands on various parts of the
suspension. With the hand on the tie rod I could actually feel
something knocking while my other arm was holding the wheel to make
some resistance. Everytime the direction of the steering wheel
changed, there was this knock.
So I think it's finally the right tie rod ball joint. As the car will
need an alignment after the replacement, I am going to replace both of

I also replaced the front rotors and pads (3 old pads and 1 backplate)
on the '93 Audi 80 TDI of a friend of mine. A week ago I would have
only changed the pads, but... While I was at it I also recognized that
a rubber brake line had a bubble and was wet. This seems to be common
for the type 89/B4 as I have replaced all four on my car.

Is anyone on the list who knows if steel brake lines are available and
legal for street use in Germany? I don't like the OEM brake lines

Thanks for the help received.


_/_/_/_/_/ pepe@z.zgs.de \_\_\_\_\_

>Peter Plangger wrote:
>> Pablo,
>> thank you very much for your response. What I have done up to now
>> - check the upper strut bearings. They have play. But new ones also
>> have, I checked at my Audi dealer.
>> - take off the rods connecting the anti-rollbar to the strut
>> and test-drove with anti-rollbar tied up. Sound was still there.
>> - check the shock cartridge cap you are talking about. It's tight.
>> once had one come loose an my former Audi and the sound was more
>> 'clack clack' not like 'bonnng' :-)).
>> - check the control arm bushings. They were replaced 4 months ago
>> are still tight.
>> After all I haven't found the source yet. The sound seems to occur
>> both sides, but more often and louder on the right.
>> Peter
>Next stop would be to check subframe bushings and specially the large
>bolts tightening the sub-frame to the frame. Some people have
>elongation of the hole in the frame allowing some play to the
>bolt depending on force of traction, turning or breaking. Quick fix,
>welding a healthy size/thickness washer, to provide a firm fixed hold
>for the sub-frame bolt...Check it out