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RE: A3 spotted in Phoenix...

For the record, VW/Audi (and just about every other major car manufacturer
in the world) has a desert proving grounds facility just outside of Phoenix,
Arizona.  As such, if you keep your eyes open when you're out on the roads
around here, you'll notice all sorts of interesting cars ... just this
morning, I saw the Jaguar folks out with a few camoflaged XJ sedans and
yesterday afternoon, I spotted another Audi A3 in the company of a VW Polo
and Beetle.  Saw what looked to be a Ferrari last week but it went by me so
quickly, I'm not sure exactly what it was! 

BTW, I still haven't posted the A3 photos I mentioned recently as I got
caught up with a couple of snags with my impending house purchase and
haven't had time to finish it.  I'm hopeful that I'll get them up by this
weekend...  :^)

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